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Committee 2022/2023

Denise Ford


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I am one of the founding members of AOFP and have been Chair since the group's conception.
I have a long history of involvement in ecological restoration in Christchurch having been involved in the restoration of Travis Wetland on the Trust for over 20 years.
Urban ecology is my passion. I believe if we see our native plants and animals in our urban areas we will be more connected and willing to protect them in the 'wild'.
The red zone offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a special natural area that will reconnect us to our natural heritage and be a legacy for generations to come.


Rachel Walton


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My background is in Engineering and Manufacturing (32 years). What I bring to the group is process, systems, procurement and project management skills. At the same time, I wish to gift my time and effort to the ecological restoration of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, learning from the group (AOFP) how to go about this and to create meaningful and productive connections within the community


Conor Leahy


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"I joined AOFP because I have a passion for the restoration of our native habitat and I was looking for a project that was close to home, accessible and allows me to have genuine impact. I don't have any ecological background or qualifications, but I relished the fantastic opportunity that the Red Zone presents for us to restore such a wonderful habitat for our native plants. trees and birds. Before a baby-enforces hiatus, I loved going tramping, and spending time in the foothills of Canterbury in particular. Until I get a chance to go back to that, being part of the AOFP is outstandingly rewardning and an existing opportunity."

Robin Stove

Committee Member

I am a founding member of AOFP. I have a strong passion for, and believe that we all have a responsibility to care for and get involved in what happens in our environment and community. I have a background in ecological work, with over 29 years of involvement in community, organising environmental plantings, eco-sourcing seed, propagation and growing of native plants. I feel that the people of Christchurch have a huge opportunity to get involved in the development of the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, creating a forest park, and leaving a legacy for the future generations to enjoy!

Tamara Poi

Committee Member

"Ko Hikurangi toku maunga, Ko Waiapu toku awa, Ko Rauru toku marae, Ko Ngāti Porou toku iwi, Ko Tamara Poi toku ingoa.

The enviroment is integral to Māori identity and culture. The enviroment is always acknowledged in our whakapapa as evidenced from mine, above. For Māori, all parts of the enviroment are infused with mauri (life force) and are connected by whakapapa - the descendents of all living things from the original creators of life. We express this relationship by identifing with our enviroment, often with awa (river) or a landform such as maunga (mountain). We gain a sense of belonging from our connection with the natural enviroment. Kaitiakitanga is an important Māori value, relating to the exercise of guardianship of natural resources, such as land, sea and waterways. The principle of Kaitiakitanga requires sustainability and enviromental protection. As kaitiaki or guardians, we are responsible for protecting rescources for future generations - and I believe we actively practice kaitiakitanga with AOFP"


Dr Colin Meurk
Committee Member

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Kelly Perazzolo

Committee Member

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"I've been involved with the AOFP since 2016 - initially at the Horseshoe Lake site and later across the other sites. It's great to see the difference we are making across the Red Zone. I have a general interest in ecology and I just like to get involved and help out."

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