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Above: 6 October 2018 Working Bees

Our vision is to transform the Avon River Red Zone into a vibrant, city-to-sea native forest park along the Avon-Otakaro River. 

We believe this land should be returned to nature, creating a ribbon of green from the the town centre to New Brighton.


A forest park would provide a setting for sensitive recreation, a catalyst for regeneration and tourism, protection from flooding and pollution and enhance our city. It will also create an ecological paradise for native flora and fauna and a clean, green forest park to be enjoyed by all.


We advocate for a simple, common sense approach that works with nature to remediate this land for the good of the community and our natural environment. Our forest park proposal is low cost, low impact with huge benefits and returns both directly and indirectly.


AOFP evolved to conceptualise, promote and actively encourage the development of an indigenous forest park in the Avon-Ōtākaro residential red zone.


Our group is made up of professionals and members of the community. Our professional expertise includes the fields of landscape architecture, ecology, entomology, environmental science, climate change, geotech, civil engineering, education, community outreach, It also includes a professor of urban ecology, a senior ecology lecturer, PhD Students and educators.

The group has permission to maintain 10 sites of significant indigenous vegetation within the red zone, plus two Christchurch City Council parks. Regular working bees happen at these site.


AOFP also work on the design and promotion of Avon-Otakaro Forest Park and conceptual masterplan,


We also look to involve education institutions such as Lincoln University and local schools to foster opportunities in the red zone.


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